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Coffee drinkers all can agree on one thing. There is nothing better than caffeine. However, each coffee drinker has their own particular ordered based off of their tastes. Some like espresso, some cappuccino, others latte. There is the Americano drinkers, Turkish coffee, Greek Coffee, or dark roast to name a few.

The same holds true for the way it is made; perked, brewed, steamed, cold brew, drip, French press…

One of the most unique but favored ways to make a coffee is the French Press. Handground, a manufacturer and distributor of coffee grinders, reached out to the worldwide professional coffee community with the purpose of determining the best recipe for french roast coffee.

These are the basic requirements:

  • Coffee Grinder
  • French Press
  • Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 15:1 (For example, 600 grams of water and 40 grams of coffee)
  • Water temperature: 202F
  • Brew time: 4:27

Grind setting: 6-6.5 on Handground (Settings on other coffee grinders will vary-Your grind should be the consistency of sea salt)

Basic Tips

Beginning with the recipe listed above, apply these basic techniques to get the most out of your French Press. Remember to be precise and consistent when following the recipe. This will build an understanding of the fundamentals of coffee brewing so you can experiment with different techniques down the road. Which leads us to the first tip:

  1. Use a scale to measure coffee and water
  2. Buy a good grinder
  3. Use a medium-coarse to coarse grind
  4. Use quality water
  5. Use enough coffee
  6. Warm up the pot before brewing
  7. Use hot water, but not boiling
  8. Pour a small amount of water over the grounds in the beginning to “bloom”
  9. Don’t stir, just let the coffee sit
  10. Keep all coffee grounds below the filter when plunging
  11. Pour all coffee out of carafe after plunging
  12. Clean your French Press each time
  13. Create your own recipe