Add Oxygen to Your Home!

Fresh air can seem like a dream if you live in a city. Even in suburban or more rural environments, a sterile home interior can lack vitality, color–and even oxygen.

It’s never a bad idea to create a small garden within your walls. Starting a small home garden involves some time, money, and patience, but it will benefit your home and the environment.

Ideas for a Home Garden

Home gardens come in many shapes and sizes depending upon the taste of the owner and the scope of the location. Consider a small balcony garden, some hanging plants, or maybe some potted plants as a living room center piece or a kitchen accent.

If the outdoors is off-limits, consider a succulent or even a bonsai. These are ideal for inside an apartment because they don’t need much space or extensive care.

The Advantages of Adding a Plant or a Garden to Your Home

A home garden poses many benefits.

  • An Improved Outlook. Home gardens add so much to the appearance of a room. They look sophisticated as well as healthy. People love living with nature for a reason. It’s calming and rejuvenating; just ask some scientists. If you don’t have the time for long walks in the woods, home gardens bring a small natural environment to you.
  • Fresh Air. Adding even a few plants to your home will freshen up the air. We all know that plants add oxygen to the environment, and even one or two small plants will have an effect on your home. This extra oxygen helps clear your head and keeps your rooms fresh, especially in the winter.
  • Stay Busy. A home garden will help you stay occupied and bring some rhythm to your days and weeks. But if you don’t have a green thumb or a lot of time, don’t worry! Succulents and desert plants are hard to kill and only require periodic care.

How do I Take Care of My Houseplants?

Taking care of home gardens is one of the biggest worries that keeps people from bringing home plants. It takes both time and money to properly care for a home garden.

If you’re worried, pick your plants carefully. Some are actually quite hardy and can survive your mistakes or memory lapses. Jade plants, peace lilies, the snake plant, and Aloe Vera are all tough and beautiful.

No matter the type of plant, don’t forget to water it! Water is essential for any living thing. Especially if your plants are inside, they rely on you for their regular drinks.

Consider adding extra nutrients to the soil if you keep your plants in pots. It’s harder for potted plants to get all the nutrients they need because they have a limited, contained supply of soil.

The Bottom Line

Plants provide much more than they take. Having even a small natural environment in your own home helps bring piece of mind and improves the air quality around you. A home garden or a few potted plants are an investment that produces long term results with just a bit of nurturing.